Ajanla farms Limited is a leading cattle breeding and fattening company involved in upgrading and multiplying cattle breeds/herds with local adaptability and improved performance and yield, innovative breeding technology of artificial insemination and careful selection.

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High quality beef meat production has been the thrust of Ajanla Farms’ operations since inception. We are able to select local beef breeds with high breeding potential, inseminated with exotic bull sperm to produce high quality progenies.

We have HACCP compliant slaughter houses which operate on standard GMP codes supervised by qualified food safety auditors.

  • Products
    Live cattle, Sausages, Beef rolls, Minced meat and Hamburgers.



Ajanla farms aim and objective is to improve the milk production of our local cattle breeds through enhanced reproduction performance and breeding practices with increased production capacity to contribute to the animal protein value chain.

Poor milk yield has always been the major problem facing local dairy production. Ajanla farm is providing the right solution through improved nutrition (silage and concentrate supplement), artificial insemination of local breeds and selection of up-to-date milking technology on its own dairy farm

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